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Staff Directory


updated 11-15-17

Last Name First Name Building/Dept. Position Phone Email
Archer Kathleen Santa Fe 5/6 Intellectual / Developmental Disability (IDD) 316-284-6270 kathy.archer@usd373.org
Baldwin Julie South Breeze Elementary Interrelated 316-284-6560 julie.baldwin@usd373.org
Barnett Sandra  Chisholm Middle Interrelated 316-284-6260 sandra.barnett@usd373.org
Bartel Shannon Newton High Severe Multiple Disabilities 316-284-6280 ext 2107 shannon.bartel@usd373.org
Branson Amy Newton High Brailler 316-835-2694 amy.branson@usd373.org
Bright Craig Newton High Intellect/Develop Dis 316-284-6280 Ext 2105 craig.bright@usd373.org
Brown Jonni Cooper Early Education Center Homebased Preschool 316-284-6510 jonni.brown@usd373.org
Chronister Bonnie Halstead Gifted 316-835-2694 bchronister@usd440.com
Chronister Bonnie Halstead Middle Interrelated 316-835-2694 bchronister@usd440.com
Coffey Jill SBr/Newton Bible Speech Language Pathology 316-284-6560 jill.coffey@usd373.org
Combs Cynthia  Elementary/Middle (SBr) Adaptive P.E.  316-284-6560 cindy.combs@usd373.org
Cooper Becky  Santa Fe 5/6 Interrelated 5/6th Grade 316-284-6270 rebecca.cooper@usd373.org
Creech DeAnn Cooper Early Education Center Preschool 316-284-6510 deann.creech@usd373.org
Davenport Resa-Marie Cooper Early Ed Center Preschool 316-284-6510 resa-marie.davenport@usd373.org
Dorado Penny  Cooper/Halstead/Hesston Social Work 316-284-6510 penny.dorado@usd373.org
Easterday Kelsey Slate Creek Elementary Interrelated 316-284-6550 kelsey.easterday@usd373.org
Eis Danette Special Education Coop Administrative Assistant 316-284-6580 danette.eis@usd373.org
Elliott Amy Hesston High Interrelated 620-327-7122  Ext 2253 amy.elliott@usd460.org
Fink Steven Newton High Interrelated / Autism 316-284-6280 steve.fink@usd373.org
Fischer Kimberly  Halstead Middle Interrelated 316-835-2694 kgeorge@usd440.com
Flaming Judy  Newton High Adaptive P.E. 316-284-6280 Ext 2717 judy.flaming@usd373.org
Foley Amanda Northridge Elementary Speech Language Pathology 316-284-6540 amanda.foley@usd373.org
Folkerts Deanna  Slate Creek Elementary Interrelated 316-284-6550 deanna.folkerts@usd373.org
Franz Dawn  Cooper Early Education Center Speech Language Pathology 316-284-6510 dawn.franz@usd373.org
Friesen Marcia  Cooper Early Education Center Homebased Preschool 316-284-6510 marcia.friesen@usd373.org
Friesen-Guhr Sara Sunset Social Work 316-284-6570 sara.friesen@usd373.org
Gerhardt Allison Walton  Interrelated 620-837-3161 allison.gerhardt@usd373.org
Gooch Jeremy Newton Medical Center Project SEARCH 316-282-9100 Ext 1471 jeremy.gooch@usd373.org
Grace Lisa Hesston Middle Interrelated 620-327-7111 lisa.grace@usd460.org
Grimmett Georgetta Newton High Interrelated 316-284-6280 Ext 2110 georgetta.grimmett@usd373.org
Haigler Carol Santa Fe 5/6 Emotional Disturbance 316-284-6270 carol.haigler@usd373.org
Harper Jeanne Newton High Social Work 316-284-6280 Ext 2169 jeanne.harper@usd373.org
Hekele Tyann Newton High/SF/Walton School Psychologist 316-284-6280 tyann.hekele@usd373.org
Henne Janice Chisholm/Santa Fe Gifted 316-284-6260 janice.henne@usd373.org
Hodge Mary Ellen Northridge Elementary Structured Learning 316-284-6540 mary.hodge@usd373.org
Jantz Kylie Cooper Early Education Center Physical Therapy 316-284-6510 kylie.jantz@usd373.org
Jantzi Scott Chisholm Middle Emotional Disturbance 316-284-6260 scott.jantzi@usd373.org
Janzen James  Newton High Emotional Disturbance 316-284-6280 Ext 2170 james.janzen@usd373.org
Jordan Ann Cooper Early Education Center Occupational Therapy 316-284-6510 ann.jordan@usd373.org
Jost Diane K. Hesston Middle Interrelated 620-327-7111 diane.jost@usd460.org
Juhnke Roger Newton High Interrelated 316-284-6280 roger.juhnke@usd373.org
Knowles Tiffani Sunset Elementary Interrelated 316-284-6570 tiffani.knowles@usd373.org
Koehn Amber  Hesston Elementary Interrelated 620-327-7102 amber.koehn@usd460.org
Kopper Sara Santa Fe/Chisholm Middle Social Work 316-284-6270 sara.kopper@usd373.org
Krehbiel Teresa Special Education Coop Student Data Mgr - MIS Clerk 316-284-6583 teresa.krehbiel@usd373.org
Little-Winter Lois Cooper Early Education Center Audiology 316-284-6510 lois.winter@usd373.org
Littleton Katherine  Cooper Early Education Center Speech Language Pathology 316-284-6510 kathy.littleton@usd373.org
Magnall Jennifer Chisholm Middle ED / IDD 316-284-6260 magnall.jennifer@usd373.org
McCartney Emily Santa Fe 5/6 Interrelated 5/6th Grade 316-284-6270 emily.mccartney@usd373.org
McGuire Rebecca Hesston Gifted 620-327-7111 rebecca.mcguire@usd460.org
McKee Desarae Bentley Primary Interrelated 316-796-0210 dbolton@usd440.com
McKellip Christine  Santa Fe 5/6 Interrelated 5/6th Grade 316-284-6270 christine.mckellip@usd373.org
Mefford Jessica Sunset/Cooper/Halstead School Psychologist 316-284-6570 jessica.mefford@usd373.org
Miller Dawn Slate Creek Elementary Severe Multiple Disabilities 316-284-6550 dawn.miller@usd373.org
Miller-Dealy Debra  Sunset Elementary Emotional Disturbance 316-284-6570 debra.miller@usd373.org
Morgan Barbara Northridge Elementary Interrelated 316-284-6540 barbara.morgan@usd373.org
Murphy Kathy NR/SC/SBr/Sunset/Walton Gifted 316-284-6560 kathy.murphy@usd373.org
Nelson Kiley Cooper Early Education Center Spec Ed Preschool 316-284-6510 kiley.nelson@usd373.org
O'Hare Joseph  South Breeze/CMS/Hesston School Psychologist 316-284-6560 joseph.ohare@usd373.org
Pham Stephanie Slate Cr / Chisholm Speech Language Pathology 316-284-6550 stephanie.pham@usd373.org
Powell Kimberly Newton High Interrelated 316-284-6280 Ext 2129 kimberly.powell@usd373.org
Reber Kristen Hesston / Walton Speech Language Pathology 620-837-3161 kristen.reber@usd373.org
Regier Andrea Special Education Coop Vision Impaired 316-284-6550 andrea.regier@usd373.org
Rehse Jenny Halstead High Interrelated 316-835-2682 jenny.rehse@usd440.com
Reinhardt Debra  Newton High Transition Coordinator 316-284-6280 Ext. 2121 debra.reinhardt@usd373.org
Rogers Nancy Newton High Interrelated 316-284-6280 Ext 2107 nancy.rogers@usd373.org
Rose Sara Sunset Elementary Interrelated 316-284-6570 sara.rose@usd373.org
Scates Terry  Chisholm Middle Intellectual / Developmental Disability (IDD) 316-284-6260 terry.scates@usd373.org
Schlup Nancy  South Breeze Elementary Intellectual / Developmental Disability (IDD) 316-284-6560 nancy.schlup@usd373.org
Schmidt Kiley Halstead/Bentley/St. Mary's Speech Language Pathology 316-796-0210 kiley.schmidt@usd440.com
Schmidt Casson Halstead High Interrelated 316-835-2682 casson.schmidt@usd440.com
Schrag Michelle Northridge Elementary Interrelated 316-284-6540 michelle.schrag@usd373.org
Schrag Michelle Halstead Middle Interrelated 316-835-2694 michelle.schrag@usd440.com
Schrock-Woodward Joan Special Ed Coop (Cooper) Hearing Impaired 316-284-6510 joan.woodward@usd373.org
Seidl Reagan  Special Education Coop Director 316-284-6580 reagan.seidl@usd373.org
Skinner Brian Newton High Interrelated 316-284-6280 Ext 2621 brian.skinner@usd373.org
Sloan Shari Newton High Gifted 316-284-6280 Ext 2516 shari.sloan@usd373.org
Smith Shawna'de Chisholm Middle Interrelated 316-284-6260 shawnade.smith@usd373.org
Snodgrass Ashley Cooper Early Education Center Preschool 316-284-6510 ashley.murrell@usd373.org
Snyder Kathryn Slate Creek/Northridge School Psychologist 316-284-6540 kathryn.snyder@usd373.org
Stenzel Julie Cooper Early Education Center CEEC Transition Coordinator 316-284-6510 julie.stenzel@usd373.org
Stuhlsatz Scott Chisholm Middle Interrelated 316-284-6260 scott.stuhlsatz@usd373.org
van der Weg Nicole Northridge Elementary IDD 316-284-6540 nicki.vanderweg@usd373.org
Warden Perry Newton High Transition Coordinator 316-284-6570 perry.warden@usd373.org
Warkentine Amanda South Breeze Elementary Interrelated 316-284-6560 amanda.warkentine@usd373.org
Warsnak Amber  McKinley Admin Center Special Education Coordinator 316-284-6580 amber.warsnak@usd373.org
Wedel Christopher Newton High Emotional Disturbance 316-284-6280 Ext 2171 christopher.wedel@usd373.org
Wedel Dennis Newton High Interrelated 316-283-6280 Ext 2618 dennis.wedel@usd373.org
Winter Perry Santa Fe 5/6 Interrelated 5/6th Grade 316-284-6270 perry.winter@usd373.org