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District Goals

USD 373 Mission

The mission of the Newton School Community is to prepare and empower our students

to be contributing participants in a changing world.

USD 373 District Belief Statements
We believe that:
  • the educational needs of each student must be met.
  • the needs of students must drive decision-making.
  • education is an active partnership involving students, families, schools and community.
  • motivation, opportunity and effort are critical to success.
  • high expectations foster quality performance.
  • the right to education conveys both privilege and responsibility.
USD 373 District Goals
  • Student Learning:  USD 373 will provide all staff with the resources necessary to assist all students in acquiring essential social and academic skills for success.
  • Human Resources:  USD 373 will recruit, support and retain quality personnel in every staff position in the school district.
  • Technology Utilization:  USD 373 will support appropriate technologies as both a means of managing data and expanding student learning.
  • Funding:  USD 373 will advocate for adequate and equitable school funding both within the school district and throughout the state of Kansas. 
  • Parent and Community Relationships:  USD 373 will build positive parent and community relationships to increase educational opportunities for all students and promote vital economic development throughout the school district.
  • Safety and Security:  USD 373 will provide a safe and secure environment for students, staff members and visitors.

Approved by BOE 12-8-14