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Railer Recognition Nominees


The following USD 373 employees were nominated in October & November 2016 for going above and beyond, making the school a better place, and/or doing something extra special for students!

Recognize a deserving USD 373 co-worker using the Railer Recognition Nomination Form.

Name of Employee Recognized Building/Dept What the nominator said about this person:

Julie Stenzel Cooper Early Childhood Center Julie willingly jumped into sub in a classroom when a substitute teacher could not be found. Julie's willingness to rearrange her schedule and help a colleague are appreciated!
May Brown Cooper Early Childhood Center May stepped into sub in a classroom when a substitute teacher could not be found. I appreciate May rearranging  her schedule to help a colleague.
Jeanelle Coates ETC Jeanelle has gone above and beyond by spending a lot of time sprucing up the outside of ETC. She has removed lots of weeds, dead bushes, volunteer trees, trimmed foliage, and even re-planted some flowers that grew in on their own. She did this all on her own and custodians in the past have not done this. Thanks Jeanelle!
Deb Flavin Walton Rural Life Center Deb goes "above and beyond" her assigned duties.  She takes excellent care of the staff and the students, often playing nurse to us all.  She is the first to sign up to help with a task and very seldom misses work.  She is kind-hearted and has devoted ?? years to our school district and Walton.
Terry Scates Chisholm Middle School Terry Scates has provided a caring, safe environment for kids for many years.  She understands the specific needs of her students, and works hard to help them achieve their highest potential.  She does this with kindness and good humor.  Students from other classes know they can come to her if they need a kind word, and have a concern.  Many times former students will drop in just to see her, and say how much they miss her.  She makes the classroom a positive experience for all.
Angela Black Walton Rural Life Center Angela goes above and beyond to insure that all students here at Walton are successful. She is willing to help ALL teachers/staff any way she can. Angela is usually the first to sign up to help with activities here at school and only misses work for district meetings. Walton is blessed to have her here!
Pat Estrada Northridge Pat Estrada has been working here at Northridge the last few days (I don't know whether she is filling in or if she's here permanently now).  I know that she is working extra hard here at our school, and she said she just wants to be sure that the kids stay healthy, so she wants to be sure everything is clean for them.  She is going above and beyond!  We all appreciate her efforts to keep our building clean and healthy!
Mary Jean Hodgkins Cooper Early Childhood Center Mary Jean has taken on double duty around Cooper the last few weeks because her fellow custodian has been out with an injury. Mary Jean works diligently to keep Cooper clean and maintains her cheerful, friendly attitude.
Britni Mendez Santa Fe 5/6 Center Britni goes above and beyond the everyday. She is student focused and looks for ways to help students reach their greatest potential. She always has a positive attitude and makes Santa Fe a better place.
Jessica Weimer Northridge Jessica facilitated a session about Wonders with teachers in Kingman schools!  She collaborated with her peers to help another district implement this resource!  I appreciate her willingness to share her skills and expertise with another school to better support their teaching and learning!
Danielle Flaming South Breeze Danielle facilitated a session about Wonders with teachers in Kingman schools!  She collaborated with her peers to help another district implement this resource!  I appreciate her willingness to share her skills and expertise with another school to better support their teaching and learning!
Jackie Sierer Northridge Jackie facilitated a session about Wonders with teachers in Kingman schools!  She collaborated with her peers to help another district implement this resource!  I appreciate her willingness to share her skills and expertise with another school to better support their teaching and learning!
Angela Black Walton Rural Life Center Angela facilitated a session about Wonders with teachers in Kingman schools!  She collaborated with her peers to help another district implement this resource!  I appreciate her willingness to share her skills and expertise with another school to better support their teaching and learning!
Carol Budde Santa Fe 5/6 Center Carol made the transition over to teaching 6th grade seamlessly and has done a great job of advocating for herself by reaching out to her 6th grade math colleagues so that she could be prepared in teaching the new math curriculum this year.  I appreciated Carol's willingness to make this move and her positivity with the transition.
Sharon Cepeda Santa Fe 5/6 Center Sharon has spent a lot of time reviewing the new curriculum so that she is prepared to give 100% to her students.  I appreciate the time and effort Sharon puts into everything she does. We are lucky to have her at Santa Fe.
Rita Hawkins Santa Fe 5/6 Center Rita puts 100% into her job whether it be working with students in the classroom or supervising in the cafeteria.  She has firm expectations, but is very nurturing and caring at the same time.  We are lucky to have Rita as a part of our staff here at Santa Fe!
Brenda Valdivia Santa Fe 5/6 Center Brenda has been very patient and flexible since the day we hired her last year.  She has been moved to help with different positions and always maintains a smile and positive attitude.  We are lucky she chose to come work here at Santa Fe!
Lynn Vigil Santa Fe 5/6 Center Lynn has been a very important member of the Santa Fe staff over the past few years.  She has been one of our best substitutes and still continues to be, as well as an excellent special education para this year with Becky Cooper.  We are so lucky to have Lynn here at Santa Fe!
Zully Garcia Santa Fe 5/6 Center Zully has been a huge asset for students and staff at Santa Fe.  Zully is very professional and maintains a positive attitude.  She is firm but caring in working with students.  Thanks Zully for everything you do!
Debra Reinhardt Newton High School Deb is tirelessly going above and beyond to help our students in special education with transition services.  Even as I sit here and write this she just popped in my room to talk with a student. She is one of the key factors and links to so many of our students being connected with agencies that can provide them support once students graduate from NHS.  She sets up times for students to meet with providers here at the high school and even takes the students to various offices in town when needed. She attends each and every IEP meeting and always brings information specific for the student and what will be helpful for them as they transition. She coordinates with parents, other schools, universities and agencies, whatever it is that will help each specific student.  Thank you Deb!! We couldn't do it without you!!
Perry Winter Santa Fe 5/6 Center Perry cares about helping our students become responsible adults. When students have issues during the school day that interrupt their learning, he spends quality time with them helping them work through their problems. He is respectful and compassionate as he works with students which leaves them knowing they can trust him.
Perry is a true asset at Santa Fe both for students and staff. 
Deb Penner Santa Fe 5/6 Center Deb is consistent and reliable...every day! Her students know that the Deb they get today is the Deb they will get tomorrow. The students Deb works with not only need this consistency but thrive when given it. Her cheerful, positive attitude is appreciated by colleagues and students alike. We are so glad she is a part of the Santa Fe staff. 
Julie Stenzel Cooper Early Childhood Center Julie stepped up to sub in a classroom last minute in a time of need. Her willingness to step in with short notice was very appreciated!
Jason Chalashtari Walton Rural Life Center Jason did a great job leading the administrators and directors through ALICE active shooter training!
Jenny King Reid Chisholm Middle School Jenny did a great job leading the administrators and directors through ALICE active shooter training!
Greg Dietz Newton High School Greg did a great job leading the administrators and directors through ALICE active shooter training!
Beth Koehn Santa Fe 5/6 Center Beth is such a positive influence and always full of energy and ready to dig into change. She moved to 6th grade to try new things. Along with learning new curriculum, she has started a group called Spark. Students meet after school on Thursdays and work collaboratively to plan and do good things that impact our school and community.
Beth makes everyone feel special and appreciated. Being around her makes students and adults alike smile! We appreciate having her on staff at Santa Fe.
Ellen Mick Santa Fe 5/6 Center Ellen is a true asset for our IDD program at Santa Fe. She is reliable and consistent both for the students and adults she works with. The consistency she shows her students each day helps them have successful days. They know the Mrs. Mick they get one day is the Mrs. Mick they will get the next day. This is so important when working with all children but even more so for her students.
We are so glad she is part of the staff at Santa Fe. 
Karen McCabe/Juhnke Santa Fe 5/6 Center Karen continually looks for ways to challenge her students to think about the world around them and how they can impact it. Recently, her students have worked to collect books for a school in Louisiana that was devastated by flooding. They didn't just collect books. They planned everything that went into making this happen! Her students were completely engaged in all subject areas during the planning and collecting. They were excited about making a difference for others! The skills they worked on were many. (She even conducted auditions for students to be in a video about the book drive!)
We are so glad to have her at Santa Fe! 
Teresa Fisher Santa Fe 5/6 Center Teresa is a consistent support for teachers and our ELL students. She develops positive relationships and helps students feel comfortable when working in a small group. Her calm nature and the patience she shows students creates a safe environment for them to learn.  We are so glad to have her at Santa Fe. 
Carson Matile Chisholm Middle School Carson encourages students and gives them a great example of hard work and dedication.  His willingness to work with students and his patience in helping them makes him a role model for teachers as well.  His quiet leadership is greatly appreciated.


Brett Kochenower Newton High School As we were finishing up conferences with our daughter and walking down the hallway Mr. Kochenower said Lindsey stop by let me meet your parents and we can look at your grades.  This was very encouraging having 3 older siblings and attending conferences before with teachers in their classroom they can't always see who is walking down the hall to encourage a parent/student to stop in.  I commend you for reaching out to meet  parents and what a great job you are doing with your students in your class.  
Kathy Littleton Cooper Early Childhood Center Not only is Kathy a superb SLP at Cooper and does amazing work with our 3-5 year olds, but she goes above and beyond in many other ways as well!  She coordinates (on her own personal time) getting donations together such as underwear, socks, pants, tops, shoes, coats, hats, and mittens for any of our children who have a need.  She also gathers food for Christmas dinner donations for families who might otherwise go without.  Kathy is talented, giving, and generous and deserves to be recognized for sure!  
Brandi Rowan Santa Fe 5/6 Center Brandi has great compassion for students and works hard every day to help them succeed.
Jana Bohling Santa Fe 5/6 Center Jana has a bright and happy personality.  She looks for the positive in every situation.  She is encouraging and helpful toward her teachers and you can tell she really cares.  When approached with questions or concerns, Jana is always willing to listen and looks for concrete ways to solve problems.  Jana is a role model for me and for other teachers at Santa Fe.  We are lucky to have such a wonderful administrator.
Desirae Tyler Cooper Early Childhood Center Desirae is always willing to help people. She takes charge of projects and gets things accomplished efficiently. She is hardworking and friendly.
Angie Long Slate Creek Angie works very hard to make sure each family that comes to enroll in USD 373 feels welcome and a part of our USD 373 family.  Thank you Angie for your positive attitude and your gratefulness to work  with families.
Mary Jean Hodgkins Cooper Early Childhood Center Mary Jean is always working above and beyond her duties to keep our building clean and safe, so that students have the best possible environment to learn. She puts noticeable effort into her work. She is willing to help out when need and has put in a lot of work while a coworker is out. Her friendly demeanor and hardworking attitude make her a joy to have in our building! 
Monte Graber Chisholm Middle School Monte is always out in the halls greeting staff and students. He also shares tech tips and sites with the CMS staff. Thanks for your contagious, friendly and positive energy!
Tiffany Haynes Reed Chisholm Middle School Tiffany is amazing and a perfect fit as our CMS counselor!  She is SUPER friendly, positive, energetic and easy to talk to!  She has awesome ideas for bringing out the best in people and stressful situations!!  CMS is lucky to have you!
Lee Penner ETC Thank you so very much for making it your priority to help safeguard USD #373 personnel & students.
 It truly is a really good feeling knowing you are vigilant in taking the time to physically pull all the door handles where you exit, the buildings you have entered after hours.  
Lauren Artaz Santa Fe 5/6 Center Lauren has taken on the role of fifth grade ELA representation this year on our building leadership team as well as being the fifth grade facilitator for district time.  I appreciate Lauren's willingness to take on these leadership roles and share her knowledge with her peers.  Lauren has worked with various substitutes this year and has kept a positive attitude as she has had to pick up the slack several times to ensure students and parents needs are being met.
Melissa Carlson Santa Fe 5/6 Center I appreciate Melissa's work ethic and passion for learning and teaching.  She is always looking for ways to add new and innovative strategies into her lessons.  I truly enjoy watching Melissa teach and interact with her students.  We are lucky to have such a passionate teacher working with our students!
Laura Curtis Santa Fe 5/6 Center I appreciate Laura's dedication to Santa Fe and the students in the IDD classroom.  She is always willing to lend a hand to anyone in need and goes out of her way to help ensure we maintain the positive culture we are so blessed to have in our building.
Kay Larson Santa Fe 5/6 Center Kay has been invaluable this year for the students at Santa Fe.  She's filled in as a long term sub for two separate fifth grade classrooms.  With the intense math curriculum we are using this school year, it was so important that we found someone that was able to fulfill the many responsibilities our teachers took on this year.  Kay has done that beautifully and has done an incredible job collaborating with other staff in the building so that she is able to provide the best learning experiences for our students.
Karen Loucks Santa Fe 5/6 Center Karen has been an invaluable resource for our many new teachers this year.  As a veteran teacher, Karen has spent much of her plan time helping out other teachers in the building including our long term substitutes by providing them lesson plans and anything else they may need.  I appreciate the time and effort Karen has put in this year to ensuring her colleagues are successful.  
Jeff Enns ETC Jeff went above and beyond to be sure that out of district student presenters had the appropriate internet access during our Professional Learning at Choice Day. He is great to make sure that the activities that I plan for teachers and students work as well and conveniently as possible.
Mike Arellano Santa Fe 5/6 Center Mike is always willing to help out in any situation. His presence in our cafeteria, both at breakfast and lunch, helps our students make positive choices. He models the idea that "All children at Santa Fe are everyone's children." He reports concerns to principals and steps in when students need reinforcement. We are thankful to have Mike as part of our staff! 
Carmen Weller Santa Fe 5/6 Center Carmen uses many strategies to make learning meaningful for her students. Students move seamlessly from one activity to the next and are on task. Her classroom is structured for direct instruction, practice, and movement. Carmen's lessons are well thought out and always have a purpose. It is evident she cares about student learning and has a passion for music at all levels. We are thankful to have her as part of our staff. 
Pat Wedel Santa Fe 5/6 Center Pat's calm nature helps students feel at ease in her classroom. She is approachable and available to her students whenever needed. She cares about the well-being of each child and advocates for them through SIT and emails to Ms. Smith and me. I appreciate her genuine concern for her students and am glad to have her on our staff.