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Contact Information


The Athletics & Activities Office is located at:

Newton High School
900 West 12th
Newton, KS 67114

Phone » 316.284.6280 Ext. 2066
Fax » 316.284.6288


To contact a member of the coaching staff, click the icon_email_blue.gif blue envelope icon next to their name.

NHS Head Coaches
Contact Jamie Coach Dibbens  Jamie Coach Dibbens NHS Volleyball
Contact Tommy Coach Edgmon  Tommy Coach Edgmon NHS Wrestling
Contact Mark Coach George  Mark Coach George NHS Baseball
Contact Andy Coach Hill  Andy Coach Hill NHS Boys Basketball
Contact Chris Coach Jaax  Chris Coach Jaax NHS Football
Contact Scott Coach Jantzi  Scott Coach Jantzi NHS Boys & Girls Soccer
Contact Randy Coach Jordan  Randy Coach Jordan NHS Girls Basketball
Contact Richard Coach Mick  Richard Coach Mick NHS Cross Country
Contact Danny Coach Park  Danny Coach Park NHS Softball
Contact Joanie Coach Pauls  Joanie Coach Pauls NHS Boys & Girls Golf
Contact Amy Coach Pollard  Amy Coach Pollard NHS Railiners
Contact Kimberly Coach Powell  Kimberly Coach Powell NHS Boys Swimming
Contact Tad Coach Remsberg  Tad Coach Remsberg NHS Track
Contact Nick Coach Sisson  Nick Coach Sisson NHS Boys & Girls Tennis
Contact Joann Coach Thaw  Joann Coach Thaw NHS Gymnastics
Contact Angie Coach Voth  Angie Coach Voth NHS Cheerleading
Contact Keith Coach Woolery  Keith Coach Woolery NHS Bowling
CMS Head Coaches
Contact Katelyn Coach Alexander  Katelyn Coach Alexander 8th Volleyball
Contact Derek Coach Bristol  Derek Coach Bristol 8th Football and CMS Track
Contact Dennis Coach Flickner  Dennis Coach Flickner 7th Football and CMS Boys Tennis
Contact Logan Coach Harpool  Logan Coach Harpool 8th Boys Basketball
Contact John Coach Pescitelli  John Coach Pescitelli 7th Boys Basketball
Contact Cindy Coach Rambo  Cindy Coach Rambo CMS Cross Country
Contact Max Coach Switzer  Max Coach Switzer 7th Girls Basketball
Contact Amanda Coach Warkentine  Amanda Coach Warkentine 7th Volleyball
Contact John Coach Werner  John Coach Werner CMS Wrestling
Contact 8th Girls Basketball Coach  8th Girls Basketball Coach 8th Girls Basketball
Contact Brian Becker  Brian Becker NHS Athletic Director & AP
Contact Michelle Bergquist1  Michelle Bergquist1 District Athletic Admin Assistant