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Bond Project 2022

Bond Project Overview

The USD 373 BOE will be putting a question on the November general election ballot asking whether or not to issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $8,435,000 to renovate Lindley Hall and Santa Fe. The school district is eligible for additional state aid to help pay both principal and interest on a voted bond issue.

This option results in no increase to the current mill levy. This option also gets students back into the gymnasium as quickly as possible. The district currently does not have sufficient capital outlay funds to facilitate this project.

The existing bond approved by voters in the past will be retired in 2026. The proposed bonds are to be retired in 2037 and with no mill levy increase, and a reduction in the mill levy after 2026.

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The students of Santa Fe 5/6 Center have been without a gym since June 2021. That is one whole school year with no gymnasium, as students rode buses to Newton Recreation Commission or held physical education class at nearby Themian Park.

Damage to Lindley HallHigh winds from a storm tore bricks from the facade of Lindley Hall in June 2021 and revealed some structural issues with the building.That called into question some similar structural issues within Santa Fe proper, where classes are held for our school district's 5th and 6th grade students.

The USD 373 Board of Education looked into options to return students to their gym. Following two bond failures in 2017 and 2019, the resounding message from the community to board members was to "take care of what you have."

The BOE believes this proposed $8.4M bond election does exactly that: preserves the existing buildings by renovating them so they are prepared to take on the next 40-50 years of use. This is an acute bond issue, meant solely to fix Lindley Hall and Santa Fe, including ADA upgrades, additional parking and a new flexible learning area on the old stage of Lindley Hall.

Information Documents

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