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COVID-19 Flowcharts

These flowcharts and forms are being provided for informational purposes. Please refer to the FAQ section below. 

Flowchart Frequently Asked Questions

Why can you exclude a person on just a fever, but everything else is 2 symptoms?

Fever indicates that a person is contagious

Why shouldn’t you quarantine if you are a contact or household member of someone being tested? 

Per KDHE, you do not quarantine until there is a positive test result “for a person who’s a household member, that for them to be categorized as high or medium risk (for public health quarantine) they need to have that household member be a symptomatic laboratory confirmed COVID-19 case.”


Why did the district create different guidelines than my physician uses?

The district did not create any guidelines. The district took the guidelines from KDHE and formatted them in a flow chart to assist with understanding. The flow sheets were double checked with the Harvey County Health Department. Specific information regarding a physician advising a family member to quarantine when the KDHE guidance states not to quarantine family members until a positive test result is returned is below. From a KDHE advanced epidemiologist: “regarding this physicians decision on advising his patients and their families to quarantine till results return, it is appropriate to do so and could be based on their specific knowledge of the care/testing of the patient and their family (for instance, knowing lab testing taking a longer time than potential incubation for the household members).” E-mail dated 8/19/20.


My physician says I can come back to work and my quarantine is not up. What should I do?

From HCHD 8/17/20:If it is a positive test, they (a personal physician) cannot release someone from quarantine .  If it is a suspected ( Not test), then they can because they can make the clinical decision that it was something else. 

The infectious disease authority is a legal action made by the health officer.


Do I have to have my temperature checked at every building I go to in a day?

No, individuals entering all public or private K-12 attendance centers shall have their temperatures checked before entering the building for the first time each day.  Per EO - 20 - 59


Does the first day I have symptoms count as Day 1, and when can I come back?

The first day of symptoms counts as Day 1. You may return after 10 days and 72 hours fever and symptom free, whichever is longer. For example: You feel ill on September 1, that is day 1. You may return on September 11 if you meet the criteria.