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District Goals

USD 373 Mission

The mission of the Newton School Community is to prepare and empower our students
to be contributing participants in a changing world.


USD 373 Board Vision

A school district identified as the place to be by building better relationships, improving teaching and learning, and utilizing assets and resources efficiently and effectively.

USD 373 District Belief Statements
We believe that:
  • the educational needs of each student must be met.
  • the needs of students must drive decision-making.
  • education is an active partnership involving students, families, schools and community.
  • motivation, opportunity and effort are critical to success.
  • high expectations foster quality performance.
  • the right to education conveys both privilege and responsibility.
USD 373 District Goals


Goal: Build inspirational, responsive and reciprocal relationships with the USD 373 community.

R.1  Develop a shared vision for systemic family engagement (KESA Relationships)

R.2  Develop resources for family engagement (KESA Relationships)

R.3  Provide professional learning on research-based family engagement strategies (KESA


R.4  Focus communication efforts to improve relationships with staff, students, parents, and the

community. (USD 373 Comprehensive Plan)

Evidence(s) of Success:

  1. Newton Districtwide Family Engagement Survey Results improve to 4.5 rating for effective communication (4.0) and community involvement (3.8) by 2023.

Teaching and Learning

Goal: Provide rigorous, relevant and results-oriented teaching and learning.

T.1 Provide professional learning opportunities focused on family and social engagement. (KESA Relationships and Responsive Culture)

T.2 Implement project-based learning as age and developmentally appropriate at all levels. (USD 373 Comprehensive Plan)

Evidence(s) of Success:

  1. Increase in 5-Year Success Average from 50% to 60% by June 2023.

  2. Increase in 5-Year Graduation Average from 85% to 90% by June 2023.

Assets and Resources

Goal: Utilize assets and resources in ways that model stewardship and provide exceptional learning environments, accessibility, and equitability.

A.1 Allocate funding for professional learning specific to family and social engagement and project-based learning. (KESA Relationships and Responsive Culture, USD 373 Comprehensive Plan)

A.2 Determine facility needs to provide exceptional 21st century learning environments. (USD 373 Strategic Vision and Comprehensive Plan)

A.3 Provide competitive salaries and wages in order to retain, and recruit and hire highly qualified and effective employees.

Evidence(s) of Success:

  1. Implementation of project-based learning and increased understanding of research-based practices for family and social engagement by June 2021.

  2. Increase the number of teachers and administrators trained in project based learning from XX to 100% by 2021.

  3. Long-term (10+ year) plan for district facilities including all buildings by June 2019.

Approved by BOE 6-18-18