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District Office Directory

Contact Samantha Anderson  Samantha Anderson Director of Communications
Contact Misty Bartel  Misty Bartel Payroll Coordinator
Contact Lynn Beebe  Lynn Beebe Payroll Clerk
Contact Ashley Carr  Ashley Carr Payroll Clerk
Contact Danette Eis  Danette Eis HCSEC Admin. Asst.
Contact Kimberly Fiessinger  Kimberly Fiessinger Accounting Supervisor
Contact Dr. Deborah Hamm  Dr. Deborah Hamm Superintendent
Contact Joni Jantz  Joni Jantz Administrative Asst./Clerk of the Board
Contact Teresa Krehbiel  Teresa Krehbiel Special Education Records
Contact Nora Miller  Nora Miller Instructional Services Admin Asst.
Contact Matt Morford  Matt Morford Director of Business Services/ Deputy Clerk of Board
Contact Megan Nagel  Megan Nagel Technology Specialist and Prof Learning Coord
Contact Jane Nichols  Jane Nichols Director of Human Resources
Contact Andi Saenz  Andi Saenz (316) 284-6215 ex: 1115 Accounts Payable Clerk
Contact Reagan Seidl  Reagan Seidl Director of Special Education
Contact Shannon Tiemeyer  Shannon Tiemeyer Human Resources Admin Asst.
Contact Sherry Unruh  Sherry Unruh Web Editor
Contact Amber Warsnak  Amber Warsnak Special Ed Coordinator
Contact Sheila Wendling  Sheila Wendling Asst. Supt., Instructional Services