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E-Flyer Design Tips
  • Flyers must be in PDF format and under 2 MB in size.
  • Flyers can have multiple pages, but only the first page will be displayed as a "thumbnail" image link on the SMART Backpack page & in parent emails.
  • Flyers can be portrait or landscape in orientation. If you would like parents to be able to print your flyer, it should be 8-1/2 x 11 inches.
  • Use large colorful graphics and photos to make it easy for parents to see on their smartphones, but remember to include "alt text" for any images.
    -See the PDF Document Accessibility section on this page for more information

Flyer Distribution Requests


To ensure accessibility all flyers submitted for approval & posting on the SMART Backpack page should now be in PDF format and meet 508 Compliance (ADA) StandardsPlease review the Organization & PDF Accessibility information below (click to open) before submitting a flyer.

  • Organizations submitting flyer requests must be non-profit. Flyers, advertisements, and materials regarding activities, learning opportunities, or services that are sponsored or offered by an individually operated business or for-profit organization will not be allowed. Exceptions include information provided by USD 373 partners as part of a wellness initiative or that has otherwise been solicited &/or pre-approved by the district on behalf of students and/or staff.
  • Flyers that are approved for distribution must be deemed beneficial to students and/or families. Activity or information must be appropriate for students. Activities should relate to a school function, event or purpose, or relate to an agency that offers widely appealing recreational &/or educational program options for students.
  • Event/activity should take place within USD 373 boundaries or be sponsored by local partner organizations of USD 373.
  • USD 373 coaching staff may promote sports clinics/camps as long as the event/activity has previously been approved by the USD 373 athletic director. 
  • If more than a nominal fee is charged, scholarships must be made available and printed on the flyer. (Fundraisers excluded - see guidelines below)
  • Flyers may be posted for a maximum of 2 months. At the discretion of USD 373, posted flyers may be "bumped up" in list order based on the date of the event or activity or other posted materials. The posting date will reflect this change. 
  • Only approved organizations partnering with Newton Public Schools will be allowed to have materials distributed in school buildings. All other materials will be posted online and emailed to parents.
  • Flyer approval does not constitute endorsement.  USD 373 reserves the right to rescind approval for any organization or person, if a complaint is received or if the organization is found to be in violation of district policy, regulations, practices and procedures.
  • The district will not allow materials that are contrary to exclusivity contracts, state and federal regulations, or other Newton Public Schools Board policies and regulations.

Guidelines for Flyers Promoting Fundraisers:

  • Any fundraisers should be sponsored by and benefit a specific USD 373 school or program (i.e. Cheerleader carwash/Band Mattress Sale, etc.) Flyers promoting fundraisers by other partner organizations may be considered based on alignment with USD 373 mission and goals.
  • USD 373 cannot promote any fundraisers for individuals &/or non-partner organizations
  • If flyers indicate students are to return money to schools, please provide specific instructions for school offices when submitting the flyer request (space provided on form)
  • Emphasis of any fundraising flyer should be on the school/organization/program & NOT on a Brand or Business. Any other logos &/or business names, etc. should be small and not self-promoting.

A Two-Minute Quick Check to ensure a digital PDF document is ADA compliant:

Open PDF document with Adobe Reader (free download):

  1. Can you select and highlight the text?

  2. Can you have the text read aloud to you in logical order?
    1. Go to Adobe Reader’s View menu
    2. Select and activate Read Out Loud
    3. Select Read this page only or Read to the end of document and listen to your document. 
  3. If you are scanning a document, have you completed Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Text Recognition process to see if your document can be read aloud?
  4. If you include any images, photos, diagrams, etc., have you provided alternative text or captions to explain the key message in your images? Screen reader does not read/recognize any images if alternative text is missing.
    TiP: Search help documentation for "alternative text" in the original application used to create your flyer. 

If answers from (1) to (4) are “yes”, your PDF document is accessible.

**If you are unable to make your flyer ADA compliant (accessible), please include the full text of your document when submitting the Request Form below. 

Click here for instructions on converting an image to text using Google Drive

If the request form below does not display properly, you may access it here.

Request Flyer Distribution