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Staff Maintenance & Facility Requests



Please use the Work Order and Facility Use Form for all requests.

Contact or with any questions.

Work Order & Facility USE Form
Submit a maintenance service request
For EMERGENCY / SAFETY Requests: Call (316) 284-6500 before submitting a request!


Please refer to the Facility Use Guidelines before making a request.

Video Tutorials
Maintenance Work Order Request Facilities Use Request


  1. Click the link to see the Log in screen of the work order system. If you have a district email, select staff user. If not, select community user.
    Note: community users will need to create an account to log in. 
  2. On the next screen, click on the red ('+New Request') button in the upper right corner and select either 'Facility Use request' or 'Maintenance & Stock request'. 
  3. Use the series of drop down selections & text boxes to make your request. Fields with an *asterisk must be completed.
  4. For facilities use, provide any additional details/instructions for food service, furniture/other & technology needs in the text boxes.
  5. Add any attachments necessary for set-up, etc. 
  6. Be sure to hit the submit button on the bottom of the form. 
  7. The form will electronically route to the proper staff to get approvals.
  8. You will receive automatic emails to let you know the progress of your request including when it is approved.