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Old Resources Boxing Instructions

Disposal of Old or Outdated Resources

Below is the process for packing up/disposing of unwanted resources from classrooms/buildings. Packing up, inventorying and labeling old resources is the responsibility of the classroom teacher. This process can happen at any time during the school year. This process is only for resources related to curriculum. Any other items (i.e. office equipment, office furniture, office supplies, etc.) should be processed through the service center for possible sale on Purple Wave. Purple Wave is managed by Chris Schaeffer.

For unused/old resources:

1. If the resources are 10 years old or older, they may be recycled at the building. For all other resources follow steps 2-7.

2. Use boxes that have lids, are sturdy and can be closed completely and taped (crates are not to be used as boxes). Boxes should be of a size that is manageable and not overly heavy. Please do NOT overfill boxes.

3. Box like items together (i.e. same titles, content area, student textbooks, teacher resources, etc.)

4. Fill out this inventory form for EACH box. Make a copy of the completed form. Place original form inside the box and send a copy to the Instructional Services office, Attn: Nora Miller at McKinley for processing. Once I receive a copy of the inventory form, I will check to see if any vendor will buy back any of the items. If they are too old for buy back, they will be recycled at the building so as to avoid unnecessary moving of boxes. (Do not continue with steps 5-7.)

5. If buyback is possible, I will let you know and you can secure boxes with packaging tape. Continue with steps 6 and 7.

6. Fill out this BOX CONTENTS form and attach this form to the outside of each box (1 form per box).

7. Place boxes in the designated area of school for pickup (check with your administrator). Pickup will happen once the inventory form has been received and processed by Instructional Services. (Boxes that are not packaged or marked properly will NOT be picked up.)

Thanks for your help with this process. If you have any questions, please contact Nora Miller at 316-284-6203 or email at