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USD 373 Update- meals, non-school buildings and clarification
Posted 3/21/20

We will begin distributing breakfast and lunch to children one to 18 starting on March 23 at Cooper Early Education Center, the elementary schools, middle schools and the high school. Here are the location areas for each school:


Walton- Front entrance


Northridge - West entrance


Sunset- North entrance


Santa Fe - West alley entrance.

South Breeze- West entrance by bus entrance


Cooper- Front entrance


Chisholm- East access road leading to gym from main

Chisholm parking lot.


Slate Creek- Entrance off of 4th street by the gated playground


High School- Enter main entrance from 12th street, follow road to west side of the building by the food service loading dock


Thank you for your patience as we figure out the best way to ensure our students get their food.



Grab n’ Go meals will be distributed from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Monday through Friday. Parents can pick up one lunch for that day and breakfast for the next day. This way, you don’t have to drive up to your school twice. Times may need to be adjusted at a later date. Cars are to pull up and take the meals. Everyone must remain in their vehicles and children must be present to receive the food. 


We will be taking a number of safety and health precautions during these food pick ups. Food service staff will be wearing disposable gloves. Staff will switch out handing out food so the others can wash hands and change gloves.  There would also be a limit of employees serving food depending on the school. 



District Office Buildings Closed To The Public


The district leadership team has made the decision to close the doors of McKinley Administration Center, ETC and Maintenance/Transportation to the public to better protect the health and safety of our staff starting March 23. We will still have staff working in the buildings, following the CDC protocols of no more than 10 people in an area and six feet of separation, so we will be able to help you with any questions and concerns you may have. Below are the numbers you will need to use to reach these buildings:


District Office: (316) 284-6200

ETC:(316) 284-6250

Maintenance: (316) 284-6500

Transportation (316) 284-6506


We would like to thank you for your patience. This decision will be continually reviewed and if changes need to occur, we will communicate these changes as soon as decisions are made.


Clearing Up “School Closure Questions”


We’ve seen a lot of confusion about what will happen the rest of the school year. Yes, our buildings will be closed and will not be operated in the manner that we have currently been operating. However, that does not mean that learning will stop and the school year has ended. 


A team of educators from across the state has been working on guidance for learning in these unprecedented times. This guidance was handed down and now it is up to our administrators and educators to use their guidance to make a plan to fit our district. This could include a variety of methods.


Right now, our buildings are being sanitized by our maintenance staff. Once that is completed, we might be able to use our buildings in accordance with the CDC guidelines mentioned above. Again, no decisions have been made but this could include meal service, child care service or some sort of education. We will update you as we develop our plan.