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Learning Logs Update
Posted 9/15/20

The KSDE notified us yesterday that we will no longer have to have parents and students complete learning logs when students are in hybrid or remote. This means that as long as your students are doing their work and communicating with their teacher, you will not have to fill them out.


Due to this change, the district will be sending out an assurances form all parents will have to sign. Among the three assurances parents must agree to ensure that students will be available for daily teacher contact, which will be used for attendance purposes. We have not determined the most efficient mechanism to ensure that completing this form is not too much of a burden on parents or on the part of each school but we will have to have one on file for each student. There will be more information coming out soon as we hash through that most efficient process. 


Reach out to your building principal or remote teacher if you have any questions. Also, stay tuned for more information about the assurances form.