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Gating Criteria/Attendance Changes Starting January 25
Posted 1/12/21

The USD 373 Board of Education has made some changes for students who are in the flexible mode of learning.

The current mode of learning (yellow) will be extended through the semester which will end on January 21. This allows for the current final exam schedule to be utilized at the secondary level without modification.

Attendance beginning January 25 up through February 12 will be as follows:

After the semester ends, we will essentially abandon color designations to determine mode of learning. We will stay in this configuration, regularly reviewing at BOE meetings. 

  • Elementary (PreK-6): Full day, 100% in attendance.
  • Grades 7-12: Hybrid attendance (OA will remain in this category but follow their current hybrid model).
  • The hybrid model will change in that students will be in attendance daily on a hybrid A and B-day rotation.
  • If there was a snow/inclement weather day, we would have to have an administrative conversation to set that pattern of it either being a lost day in terms of the rotation, or we shift it upon return to school.
  • There are no more remote Wednesdays.
  • Example schedule:
    • Week 1 M-A Tu-B W-A Th-B Fri-A
    • Week 2 M-B Tu-A W-B Th-A Fri-B


  • Going more restrictive will be considered on a school-by-school basis if there is transmission within close contact groups. This will be done in a manner similar to what we have done with staffing issues.
  • Buildings will go remote based upon issues associated with staffing as has already been established in protocol (superintendent consultation with the BOE president).

If you have questions, make sure you join us during our Facebook Live Q&A January 12 at 5 p.m.