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Parent Quarantine Notifications
Posted 9/14/21

In the interests of ensuring student and staff safety regarding the pandemic, the district will be enacting an automated messaging process to notify parents of students who have been identified as close contacts that will be excluded from school and quarantined by the Harvey County Health Department. These messages (in voice, email and text) will go out from each school after 3:30 pm and prior to 5:30 pm each day to parents of students identified as contacts so that they can be on the lookout for calls from the Harvey County Health Department. These calls will contain more specific information as to the duration of the quarantine and also explain our "Test to Stay" process through which students may have the option to report to school.

We are doing this to ensure the safety of students and staff and to ensure we stop the spread of the virus in our system. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate the various processes associated with the pandemic.