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A | School District Organization

    Policy Revision/Review Date
A District Authority February 2015
ABE District Goals and Objectives  February 2015
AC School District Grade Levels February 2015
AD District Attendance Areas February 2015
ADA School Census February 2015
AE School Year February 2015
AEA School Calendar (See IKD) February 2015
AEB School Year and Learning Opportunities (See AE, JBD, JBE, JCDA, JDD) July 2016
AF School Day February 2015
AG Closing School Buildings February 2015


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B | School Board Operations

    Policy Revision/Review Date
BA Goals and Objectives March 2015
BBBB New Member Orientation March 2015
BBBF Reimbursement for Expenses March 2015
BBC Board Committees March 2015
BBE Attorney March 2015
BBG Consultants March 2015
BCAC Special Meetings March 2015
BCAE Public Hearings March 2015
BCBD Agenda March 2015
BCBF Rules of Order March 2015
BCBG Voting Method March 2015
BCBH Minutes March 2015
BCBI Public Participation at Board Meetings March 2015
BCBJ News Coverage March 2015
BCBK Executive Session March 2015
BDA Developing and Adopting Policy March 2015
BE School Board Records March 2015
BG Memberships March 2015
BK Board Self-Evaluation March 2015


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C | General School Administration

    Policy Revision/Review Date
CA Goals and Objectives of School Administrators March 2015
CB Administrator Ethics March 2015
CD Administrative Line and Staff Relations March 2015
CE Superintendent of Schools March 2015
CEA Superintendent Qualifications March 2015
CEB Superintendent's Duties March 2015
CEC Superintendent Recruitment March 2015
CEE Compensation and Benefits March 2015
CEF Expense Reimbursement and Credit Cards August 2015
CEG Superintendent's Professional Development Opportunities March 2015
CEI Evaluating the Superintendent March 2015
CEJ Nonrenewing or Terminating the Superintendent's Contract March 2015
CEK Resignation March 2015
CF Board-Superintendent Relations March 2015
CG Administrative Personnel March 2015
CGI Administrator Evaluation March 2015

Hiring Consultants

March 2015
CK Professional Development Opportunities March 2015
CL Administrative Teams March 2015
CM Policy Implementation March 2015
CMA Administrative Rules and Regulations March 2015
CN Public Records April 2017
CNA Document Production, Including Electronic Information March 2015
CO Reports March 2015


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D | Fiscal Management

    Policy Revision/Review Date
DA Goals & Objectives April 2015
DB Budget Planning April 2015
DC Annual Operating Budget August 2015
DFAA Grants and Other Outside Financial Resources April 2015
DFAB Standard of Conduct for Federally Funded Contracts April 2017
DFE Investment of Funds April 2015
DFG Fees Payments and Rentals (See KG) April 2015
DFK Gifts and Bequests April 2015
DFM Equipment and Supplies Sales (See KK) April 2015
DH Bonded Employees April 2015
DIC Inventories April 2015
DJB Petty Cash Accounts April 2015
DJE Purchasing April 2015
DJEB Quality Control April 2015
DJED Bids and Quotations Requirements April 2015
DJEE Local Purchasing April 2015
DJEF Requisitions July 2016
DJEG Purchase Orders and Contracts (See DJEJ and DJFAB) April 2015
DJEJ Payment Procedures (See DJEG and DJFAB) April 2015
DJFA Purchasing Authority April 2015
DJFAB Administrative Leeway (See CMA, DJEG and DJEJ) April 2015
DK Student Activity Fund Management (See JGHB, JH and JL) April 2015
DP Collection Procedures (See EE and JS) April 2017


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E | Business Management


    Policy Revision/Review Date
EA Goals and Objectives April 2015
EB Buildings and Grounds Management April 2015
EBA Insurance Program April 2015
EBB Safety April 2015
EBBA Hazardous Waste Inspection and Disposal April 2015
EBBD Evacuations and Emergencies April 2015
EBBE Emergency Drills April 2015
EBBF Crisis Planning April 2015
EBC Security and Safety July 2016
EBCA Vandalism April 2015
EBE Cleaning and Maintenance Programs April 2015
EBI Long-Range Maintenance Program April 2015
EBJ Records April 2015
EC Equipment and Supplies Management April 2015
ECA HIPAA Policy April 2015
ECH Printing and Duplicating Services April 2015
ED Student Transportation Management (See EDDA and JGG) April 2015
EDAA School Vehicles (District-Owned Buses) August 2015
EDDA Special Use of School Buses April 2015
EE Food Services Management April 2017
EF Data Management April 2015


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F | Facility Expansion Program

    Policy Revision/Review Date
FA Goals and Objectives May 2015
FB Building Committees May 2015
FC Memorials July 2016
FD Capital Outlay Long Range Planning May 2015
FDB Long Range Needs Determination May 2015
FDC Naming New Facilities May 2015


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G | Personnel (certified & classified)

    Policy Revision/Review Date
GA Personnel Policy Organization June 2015
GAA Goals and Objectives (See BDA, CM, CMA and JA) June 2015
GAAA Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-discrimination February 2016
GAAB Complaints of Discrimination (See JDDC, JGECA and KN) August 2015
GAAC Sexual Harassment (See GAF and JGEC) August 2015
GAACA Racial and Disability Harassment (GAF, JGECA and KN) August 2015
GAAD Child Abuse (See JCAC and JGEC) June 2015
GAAE Bullying by Staff (See EBC, GAAB, JDD, JDDC and KGC) June 2015
GAAF Emergency Safety Interventions (See GAO, JRB, JQ, and KN) July 2016
GACA Positions (See CD and GACB) June 2015
GACB Job Descriptions (See CD and GACA) June 2015
GACC Recruitment and Hiring June 2015
GACCA Nepotism June 2015
GACD Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9)(See GAK) June 2015
GACE Assignment and Transfer June 2015
GAD Employee Development Opportunities June 2015
GAE Complaints June 2015
GAF Staff-Student Relations (See GAAC, GAACA, JGEC, JGECA and KN) July 2016
GAG Conflict of Interest June 2015
GAH Participation in Community Activities June 2015
GAHB Political Activities (GBRK and GCRK) August 2015
GAI Solicitations (See KDC) June 2015
GAJ Gifts (See JL and KH) June 2015
GAK Personnel Records    (See CEI, CGI,GACD, GBI, and GCI) March 2017
GAL Salary Deductions (See GAOF) June 2015
GAM Personal Appearance June 2015
GAMA Photo Identification Badges June 2015
GAN Travel Expenses (See BBBF, CG, CEF, GBRC, GCA) June 2015
GANA Expense Reimbursement and Credit Cards (See GAN) August 2015
GAO Maintaining Proper Control (See JGFB & GAAF) June 2015
GAOA Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace (See LDD) June 2015
GAOB Drug Free Schools (See JDDA  and LDD) June 2015
GAOC Use of Tobacco Products and Nicotine Delivery Devices (See JCDAA) July 2016
GAOD Drug and Alcohol Testing June 2015
GAOE Workers Compensation (See KFD) June 2015
GAOF Salary Deductions (See GAL) June 2015
GAR Communicable Diseases June 2015
GARA Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan June 2015
GARI Family and Medical Leave June 2015
GARID Military Leave June 2015
GARJ Jury Leave June 2015
GAT Staff Use of Communication Devices (See IIBG and IIBGC) June 2015
GBH Supervision June 2015
GBI Evaluation (See GAK) June 2015
GBK Suspension June 2015
GBN Non-renewal and Termination June 2015
GBO Resignation June 2015
GBQA Reduction of Teaching Staff June 2015
GBR Working Schedule (see JGFB) June 2015
GBRC Professional Development (See GBRH and GAN) June 2015
GBRD Staff Meetings June 2015
GBRE Additional Duty July 2016
GBRF Student and Parent Conferences February 2016
GBRG Non-School Employment June 2015
GBRGA Consulting (See GBRG) June 2015
GBRGB Tutoring for Pay June 2015
GBRH Professional Leave June 2015
GBRIBA Disability Leave June 2015
GBRJ Substitute Teaching June 2015
GBU Ethics (See IA and IKB) March 2017
GCA Compensation and Work Assignments (See GAN) June 2015
GCI Classified Employee Evaluation (See GAK) June 2015
GCIA Evaluation of Coaches and Sponsors June 2015
GCK Suspension June 2015
GCRH Vacations June 2015
GCRI Paid Holidays June 2015
GCRK Political Activities June 2015


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H | Negotiations

    Policy Revision/Review Date
HAA Legal Status July 2015
HAB Goals and Objectives July 2015
HAC Scope of Negotiations (See HAI) July 2015
HAE Board Negotiating Agents July 2015
HAF Superintendent's Role July 2015
HAHBA Use of School Facilities July 2015
HAHBB Use of School Equipment July 2015
HAI Negotiations Procedures July 2015
HAJ Preliminary Agreement Disposition July 2015
HAK Ratification Procedures July 2015
HAL Announcement of Agreement July 2015
HAN Slowdowns July 2015


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I | Instructional Programs

    Policy Revision/Review Date
IA  Instructional Philosophy and Mission (See GBU & IKB) August 2015
IB School Site Councils (See KA) August 2015
IC Educational Program (See ID, IDAA, IDAB, IDAC & IJ) August 2015
ICA Pilot Projects (See IDAE) August 2015
ICAA Teaching Methods (See GRBC, ICA, IDAE, II & IJ) August 2015
ID Instructional Program (See BBG, CJ, CL, IC and IJ) August 2015
IDAA Special Programs (See IC & JJ) August 2015
IDAB Support Programs August 2015
IDAC Exceptional Programs (See IC) August 2015
IDACA Special Education Services August 2015
IDACB Section 504 Accommodations for Students August 2015
IDAD Title I Programs August 2015
IDAE Student Privacy Policy (See BCBK, ICA, ICAA, II, and JR et seq.) July 2016
IDCE College Classes (See JBE and JQ) August 2015
IDFA Athletics August 2015
IE Instructional Arrangements August 2015
IEB Charter Schools August 2015
IF Instructional Materials and Media Centers (See IKD and KN) August 2015
IFBF Equitable Distribution of Technology August 2015
IFBH Outside Speakers (See IKB) August 2015
IFC Community Resources (See KFD) August 2015
IFCB Field Trips August 2015
IHA Grading System August 2015
IHB Homework August 2015
IHEA Make-Up Opportunities (See JBD, JDD) August 2015
IHF Graduation Requirements (See JFCA) August 2015
II Educational Testing Program (See BCBK, BE, CN, CNA, IDAE, IJ, JF & KBA) August 2015
IIA Performance-Based Credits August 2015
IIBF Acceptable Use Guidelines (See IIBG, IIBGA, IIBGC) August 2015
IIBG Computer and Device Use (See ECH, JCDA and KBA) August 2015
IIBGA Children's Internet Protection Act August 2015
IIBGB Online Learning Opportunities August 2015
IIBGC Staff Online Activities (See GAF, GBU, IIBG, IIBGA, KGA) August 2015
IJ Evaluation of Instructional Program (See IC, ICAA, ID, II & MK) August 2015
IKA Financial Literacy (See ID) August 2015
IKB Controversial Issues (See GBU, IA & IFBH) August 2015
IKCA Human Sexuality and AIDS Education August 2015
IKD Religion in Curricular or School Sponsored Activities (See AEA, IF, IKDA and KN) August 2015
IKDA Religious Objections to Activities (See IKD) August 2015
IKE Assemblies August 2015
IKI Lesson Plans August 2015
ING Animals and Plants in the School August 2015


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J | Students


    Policy Revision/Review Date
JA Goals and Objectives February 2016
JB Attendance Records February 2016
JBC Enrollment March 2017
JBCA Homeless Students March 2017
JBCB Foster Care Students March 2017
JBD Absences and Excuses (See IHEA, JDD and JBE) September 2015
JBE Truancy (See JBD) July 2016
JBH Release of a Student During the School Day September 2015
JCAB Searches of Property September 2015
JCABB Searches of Students September 2015
JCAC Interrogation and Investigations (See EBC, GAAD, JCABB, JCEC and JHCAA) September 2015
JCDA Student Conduct September 2015
JCDAA Tobacco and Nicotine Delivery Devices (See GAOC) July 2016
JCDB Dress Code February 2016
JCDBB Weapons July 2016
JCE Complaints (See JGEC & JGECA) September 2015
JCEC Demonstrations September 2015
JDA Corporal Punishment September 2015
JDB Detention September 2015
JDC Probation (See JCDBB and JDD) September 2015
JDD Suspension and Expulsion Procedures (See IHEA, JBD, JCDBB) February 2016
JDDA Drug-Free Schools (See GAOB, JGFGB, JGFGBA & LDD) February 2016
JDDB Reporting Crimes to Law Enforcement (See EBC & JDD) July 2016
JDDC Bullying (See GAAE, JCE, JGEC, JGECA, JDD and EBC) September 2015
JF Academic Achievement September 2015
JFA Peer Grading of Assignments September 2015
JFB Promotion and Retention September 2015
JFC Graduation Exercises September 2015
JFCA Early Graduation (See IHF) September 2015
JGA Student Insurance Program February 2016
JGC Health Assessments and Physicals (See JGCB) March 2017
JGCA Local Wellness Policy September 2015
JGCB Inoculations March 2017
JGCBA Automated External Defibrillators (AED) February 2016
JGCC Communicable Diseases February 2016
JGCD Health Screenings July 2016
JGD Student Psychological Services September 2015
JGEC Sexual Harassment September 2015
JGECA Racial and Disability Harassment September 2015
JGFB Supervision of Students February 2016
JGFF Student Transportation Regulation September 2015
JGFG Student Accidents February 2016
JGFGB Supervision of Medications September 2015
JGFGBA Student Self-Administration of Medications September 2015
JGFGBB Accommodating Students with Diabetes September 2015
JGG Transportation February 2016
JGGA Use of Surveillance Cameras (See CN and JR) September 2015
JGH School Food Service Programs September 2015
JGHB Vending Machines and Other Automated Play Machines September 2015
JH Student Activities (See DK and JGFB) February 2016
JHC Student Organizations September 2015
JHCA Student Publications September 2015
JHCAA Gang Activity September 2015
JI Community Activities February 2016
JJ Employment of Students February 2016
JK Solicitations September 2015
JL Gifts (See GAJ, KH) September 2015
JM Contests for Students September 2015
JN Awards September 2015
JQ Exceptional Students September 2015
JQA Physically Disabled Students February 2016
JQE Alternative Arrangements for Nontraditional Students February 2016
JQI Adult Students September 2015
JQKA Foreign Exchange Students February 2016
JQL Hearing Procedures for Exceptional Students February 2016
JQLA Class-Size/Caseload Limits for Exceptional Students February 2016
JR Student Records September 2015
JRA Types of Records September 2015
JRB Release of Student Records March 2017
JRC Disposition of Records (See JRA and JRB) September 2015
JRD Hearing Request September 2015
JS Student Fees and Charges February 2016



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K | General Public Relations

    Policy Revision/Review Date
KA Goals and Objectives November 2015
KB Public Information Program November 2015
KBA District or School Web Sites November 2015
KBC Media Relations November 2015
KCA Protection of Privacy Rights November 2015
KCB Custodial and Non-Custodial Parent Rights November 2015
KDC Solicitations November 2015
KFD School Volunteers  November 2015
KG Use of School Facilities by Community Groups November 2015
KGA Use of District Personal Property and Equipment November 2015
KGB Concealed Observations (See JGGA) July 2016
KGC Bullying by Parents November 2015
KGD Disruptive Acts at School or School Activities November 2015
KGDA Public Conduct on School Property November 2015
KH Gifts to Schools November 2015
KI Distributing Materials in Schools November 2015
KK Sale of District Property November 2015
KM Visitors to the School November 2015
KN Complaints November 2015


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L | Inter Organizational Relations

    Policy Revision/Review Date
LA Goals and Objectives November 2015
LB School-Community Cooperation November 2015
LC School-Community Programs November 2015
LDD Federal Government - Drug Free School November 2015
LDDA Fiscal Management of Federal Grants November 2015
LED Family Night November 2015


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M | Relations with Other Education Agencies

    Policy Revision/Review Date
MA Goals and Objectives November 2015
MD Inter-district Relations November 2015
MF Colleges and Universities November 2015
MI State Education Agency Regulations: Quality Assurance March 2017
MK Educational Accreditation Agency Relations (See IJ) November 2015


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