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Use of Facilities


Request Use of Facilities

Directions for using the facility use request system

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Facility Use Request Form
Facility Use Request Form 


Facilities Use Guidelines

A.  Availability of facilities:

  1. District related functions shall have first priority.  Dates for outside usage of facilities will not be confirmed prior to July 1 of the calendar year unless an exception is granted by the superintendent of schools.  Requests must be made using the Online Facility Request Form at least 3 days prior to the requested date.  
    Directions for using the facility use request system
  2. Facility use during holiday periods will not be approved.  These holiday periods include:  Labor Day, Thanksgiving break, winter break, spring break, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day and any other days designated by the district as holidays.
  3. District facilities may not be rented for public or private dances.
  4. The District may cancel any scheduled use under this permit on verbal or written notice to the Organization’s contact person at any time without cause or penalty.
  5. Use of district facilities must be limited to those purposes stated in the written agreement.
  6. The Organization may cancel schedule use under this permit on written notice to the District in writing at any time prior to the date of use.  If the Organization cancels a scheduled use, certain fees may apply as described below under the header “Payment of Fees”.

Prohibited Activities:

  2.  No live animals.
  3. Facilities must be vacated by 10:00 p.m. unless special arrangements are made.

B.  Fees:

The following schedule of fees will be charged for the use of district facilities.   

1. Building fees

NHS Auditorium  -   $25 per hour (includes the use of 2 standard microphones)

NHS Commons    -   $25 per hour

Kitchen or Cafeteria    -  $15 per hour (additional charge for food service staff)

NHS Gymnasiums  -   $25 per hour

Other Gymnasiums or BOE  - $20 per hour

NHS Swimming Pool   -  $25 per hour (does not include lifeguard)

Classroom - $10 per hour

2.  Staff fees– The rate charged is the average overtime cost to the district.  Federal Wage & Hour guidelines prohibit staff from donating or volunteering their time.  (This fee is in addition to the building fee)

Custodial fees  - $20 an hour

Technical support  - $30 an hour

Kitchen help or other staff support – to be determined


3.  Equipment rental

Data Projector   -  $75 (non-profit), $95 (for profit)

Additional tables, chairs, etc.   -  to be determined

C.  Payment of Fees:

  1. All fees must be paid within 30 days of use.  Failure to pay will constitute sufficient reason to deny future requests by those involved.  If an Organization cancels the schedule use of a facility prior to the 48 hours before any schedule use, the only charge will be for staff time or utilities incurred during preparation.  If the Organization cancels the schedule use within 48 hours before the scheduled time of use, additional charges may apply.
  2. Any person, persons, or groups making application for use of a district facility shall reimburse USD 373 for any property damage to facilities or equipment by persons in the group.
  3. Moving furniture, moving and securing scenery, securing lighting, operating public address systems, and any other activities necessary to prepare the facility for use by the contracting individual or organization will be accomplished by school employees or accomplished under the direction of an approved employee of the board of education.  All services must be outlined on the permit.  The contracting individual or organization will be charged for district employee time at the rate noted.

D.  Special Considerations:

  1. The school district currently shares equipment and facilities with other local governmental and educational entities on an informal basis; it is intended that this mutually beneficial practice continue.
  2. Discounted building rates may be negotiated for local non-profit groups who use facilities for extended periods of time.  Utility & staff fees are still required.
  3. The USD 373 Board of Education has exempted the following groups from the payment of facility building fees; however, these groups will be responsible for payment of utility and staff fees as required.  Groups may be added to this list by specific action of the board.
    • Groups of USD 373 Employees
    • 4-H Clubs
    • Boy Scouts of America
    • Girl Scouts of  America
    • Harvey County United Way
    • Harvey County Special Olympics
    • Newton High School Alumni Reunions

These exemptions apply for regular meetings when the majority of members are USD 373 residents.  

Individual employees who reserve space for an outside group, such as for a family reunion or

athletic team, will be charged the full rental fee and associated charges.


E.  Other:

  1. Only the section of the facility indicated on the permit form may be used.  The person or persons signing the agreement for facility use shall assume responsibility for all persons entering the building regardless of whether or not they are members of their group. 
  2. Organizations using facilities must provide an adequate number of sponsors to supervise and to ensure proper care and use of the facility.
  3. Additional written or stated guidelines may be issued to regulate facilities’ utilization.

Approved by BOE 1-20-09
Revised 02-11-2013