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Social Media Guidelines

Guidelines for sharing student work, pics, videos, etc. on social media:

  • Identify any students that parents have opted out of student images/information being used online and do not use their image or information on any social media or publication.

  • DO NOT share student pics, videos, information etc on your personal social media sites.

  • DO NOT create an account just for your classroom.

  • Make sure that the pictures you use do not have identifiable information in them.

  • Don’t share location of school or classroom through words or images.

  • Each school within the district has an official Facebook page with a designated staff member responsible for managing the page. 


  • If teachers want to create a social media presence for their class, we recommend it is a Facebook Group on their school’s Facebook page.

  • A Facebook group allows parents to see the information more often because the algorithm gives it a boost in the newsfeed.

  • We would ask that the group’s privacy setting be closed. Parents can still find the group but can’t see what’s in it until they’ve been approved. We believe this is an important step to protecting students’ privacy as well as protecting the teacher from accidentally sharing too much information.

  • Even though it’s a closed group, you may only show photos or mention students who have media permissions. 

  • Teachers may tell parents about the group but may not send them an invite through Facebook. This again is a student privacy issue. Parents may not want to broadcast on Facebook if a student is in a certain class.

  • At the end of every year, we ask you to archive the group and start a new one. This will protect our students' privacy and again protect the teacher.

  • If you would like to set up a group, please contact the Communications Department.


  • We’d just like to reinforce to not post photos of students on your personal twitter account.

  • If you have a separate work account we recommend you identify it as school related i.e. @MrsAnderson, @CoachAnderson, @BasketballCoachAnderson, 

  • Again, all students pictured or mentioned need to have a media release. 

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