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Project SEARCH Newton

2021-2022 NMC HEALTH Interns
Project Search 2017-2018

Harvey County Special Education Cooperative is in its 11th year with the Project SEARCH program.  This High School to Work Transition Program is one of the few being implemented here in Kansas.  Project SEARCH is an innovative workforce and career development model that benefits the individual, workforce, and community.

Since its inception in 1995, the Project SEARCH model has been implemented in 39 states and four countries with impressive success. Participating communities report 70 to 100% placement of employees in long-term, fulfilling positions upon completion of the program. This success is achieved through close collaboration between education, businesses, and service agencies, to provide vocational and life-skills training and educational support leading to long-term employment.

Contact Information

Reagan Seidl - Director of Harvey County Special Education Cooperative 

Larry Boettcher – Project SEARCH Coordinator – Harvey County Special Education Cooperative

Pictures throughout the year of Interns

Project SEARCH Newton, KS


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Project SEARCH
9/8/21 3:17 PM
1/6/21 2:40 PM
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            Project SEARCH Creed          

I believe in the power of YES!

NO and CAN’T will not stop me

I am a talented Leader

I am a team player

I am upward bound

I will succeed (have Succeeded)

I believe in myself

I do(did) make a difference

I have dreams, I have a vision

We are the future

Life is good, today was(will be) a great day!