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Remote Student Technology Help

Starting Monday, October 19, the process will change for PreK-12 students in remote learning who need tech support. Students or parents (for younger students) will:

  1. Contact their teacher about the tech issue they are experiencing. A lot of times teachers can help with the common issues students experience and get it quickly resolved.

  2. If it is not something the teacher can help with:

    • the student or parent (for younger students) will send an email to: 

      • with the information below: 

        • Student’s First & Last Name

        • School

        • Grade

        • Description of the problem - please include as much information as possible. This helps the techs resolve the issue more quickly.

          • Note - the system processes responses with USD 373 email addresses more quickly so it is best for the student or parent (for younger students) to send the email from the student’s USD 373 email account. Parents can  do this right on the student’s chromebook.

  3. A tech will respond to the ticket as soon as they can, prioritizing tickets for staff and students by addressing the most urgent first. 

  4. Once the tech responds the student/parent that submitted the ticket will get an email from Help Desk with the tech’s information on how to fix the issue or clarifying questions. 

  5. The student or parent will need to respond to the email with further information or questions. 

    • (Note: the active link within the email from Help Desk will not work. The student/parent must reply directly to the email.)

  6. If needed the tech may:

    • call the parent/student to help assist in troubleshooting

    • set up a remote Chrome session with the student/parent on the student Chromebook to help troubleshoot 

    • arrange for the student to drop their Chromebook off at their school and get a loaner/replacement chromebook to use while the other Chromebook is worked on 

  7. Tech will notify the student/parent when the issue is resolved by replying to the ticket which will send an email to the student/parent’s email address that submitted the ticket.