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Translation Help

While auto translations can't take the place of human translators, these automatic translating features can help!

Translating Google Forms

If you are on a desktop computer you can translate a Google form by following the directions in these videos.
(See sidebar for translations on mobile devices)

Translate a Google Form to Spanish (Video below)
Translate a Google Form to Chinese (Video below)

Translate a Google Form to Spanish
Translate a Google Form to Chinese


Translating Youtube Closed Captioning
Translating Subtitles in YouTube

Mobile DeviceS

For Android & iPhone  
Chrome App must be installed

Watch the video below to translate any page (including Google Forms) on the mobile Chrome app.

Note: On an Android device, the 3 dots may be in the upper right corner instead of at the bottom of your 3 vertical dots

Mobile Chrome App Translation

Change languages and translate webpages in Chrome mobile app

Note: The Safari app on iPhone iOS 14 (to be released Fall of 2020) apparently will have a webpage translation feature as well

Translate Smore Newsletters