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Volunteer Information

Application & Authorization Forms

Safety and security of our students is one of Newton Public Schools main goals. With that in mind beginning school year 2017-18 all volunteers are required to submit the provided Volunteer Disclosure and Authorization for Background Check form and the Applicant Information Form. This includes all volunteers that have previously been in schools in past years.

Once the forms are completed please feel free to drop them off at the school you are planning to volunteer with or McKinley Administrative Center, 308 E 1st St., Newton to the Human Resources department.

Applicant Information Form 

Volunteer Authorization Form

Guidelines for Volunteer Background Checks

The district practice of conducting background checks for volunteers includes:

  • Volunteers will not be discriminated against based on any factor including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, or religion. All persons volunteering regularly in district buildings or attending school field trips will be subject to a background check.
  • Regular volunteers will include anyone that plans to attend any school field trip or has volunteered three or more times. This would include multiple buildings.
  • The district will utilize the Volunteer Disclosure and Authorization for Background Check form, which is provided by the National Screening Bureau (NATSB).
  • The district will conduct national background checks that review the following information: criminal records and valid social security number.
  • The district will request the following information from volunteers in order to conduct the background check: name, social security number, address, and date of birth.
  • If negative records are disclosed, a confidential meeting will be held with volunteers. The meeting will be conducted by the Director of Human Services.
  • Access to all background checks will be limited to the Director of Human Services and the Administrative Assistant for Human Services.
  • Negative records that would be considered when eliminating potential volunteers from volun- teering in the schools would include but not be limited to drug possession, drug use, sale or distribution of drugs, or sexual assault. Consideration would be given to offenses that occurred at a young age or were many years in a person’s past. The purpose is to protect students and staff. Therefore, the concern is that past criminal activity not be potentially harmful to students and staff.

Based on the district’s experience with employee background checks, it is anticipated that background checks will take between 24 hours and 5 days before the district receives the report.

At this time, the district administration has asked building administration to provide names of parents that regularly volunteer. The district will be providing this information to all parents.